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Upcoming Camp

AYSO Fundamentals Mini-Camp

Keeper Train is pleased to announce our special AYSO goalkeeper fundamentals mini-camp exclusively for AYSO registered players.

This mini-camp will cover all of the basic fundamentals of the position and is perfect for:

- Field players who want to learn the position.

- Beginning goalies wanting formal technique

- Intermediate goalies needing a refresher

If you are interested please register today! The camp needs at least 20 players to register before it can be finalized.


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Class Details

Details for our next camp:

Where: Staro Selo Field
When: June 24 thru June 27th
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Cost: $60 / Student (register before June 10th)

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Topics Covered:

Catching Technique

Goalies will learn the proper technique used to catch low balls, mid range shots and high balls. Catching is an essential part of goalkeeping that requires proper technique and plenty of practice before it can be mastered.


Learn the proper technique for getting into the proper position to make the save and how to properly cover the goal area with the shuffle and crossover techniues.

Cutting the Angle

Learn how to greatly increase your chances of making the save by knowing where to stand in the net. Focuses on making your body as "big" as possible by coming off your line, as well as how to properly cover both the near and far posts when facing shots.

Set Pieces (Free Kicks, PK's, Corners)

These set pieces happen in every game. You need to know the proper technique to make sure you can keep you team in every game.

Here are some sneak preview videos of the technique that will be taught during this mini-camp.

Training Times and Location

Staro Selo Field
25029 26 Mile Rd
Lenox, MI 48051
Telephone: (248) 840-2436
Monday - Thursday
June 24 thru June 27th
6:30pm – 8:00pm

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